Joel Edinberg

Saxophonist, Composer, Producer


Current Projects

I am the founder of the Somerville Symphony Orkestar, an original “International Party Music” band.  I write and arrange the music,  act as the band leader on stage, and play saxophone for the band.  You can listen to our music at:

The Bowties

I play drums for the band The Bowties, an alt-country/folk band founded by my roommates, myself, and my girlfriend.  The music is written by our singer  and guitarist, Dan Ondrusek, and is arranged by the whole band.  We are in the middle of recording our first album, and I am also acting as producer, sound engineer, and mixing engineer for this project.

Video Scoring

Solo original Work.

I write and produce music to score to video. I have all my samples up on

Here are some of the videos that I’ve scored.