Joel Edinberg

Saxophonist, Composer, Producer

Tutoring Availability

I believe that anyone can understand any form of math and physics. My education at Cornell University has trained me to look at all physics problems by understanding the fundamentals of that problem. I have a very strong focus on teaching my students to ask the right type of questions when they do not understand a problem. This is a method that I learned from some of the world’s top physicists at Cornell University, and it has helped me publish a paper and file a provisional patent during my career. My tutoring will not only help you succeed in your classes and SATs, but it will also help prepare you for your higher education.

If you would like me to tutor you or your child in math or physics, please contact me using the form below. Please make sure to leave your name, other contact information, and town/city you live in. I am available weekday nights and most weekends.

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